Our Mission

Our mission as a full service manufacturer, is to partner with the world’s best retailers and assist them in building the best fashion brands possible through speed, quality, innovation and partnership.

Our mission at Golden Green, is to partner and assist world class retailers while also inspiring through our fashion design and trend service AMFM, inspiring them to innovate and recreate new and exciting premium lifestyle brands.



Our History

Founded in 1997, Goldengreen was established for the sole purpose of manufacturing the highest quality knitwear for many of the elite fashion brands based in Southern California. As the years passed and the knitwear business rapidly started to grow, major national chain stores like Mervyn’s, Target and JC Penney became some of our key retail partners. This helped the company to grow and expand its production in LA as well as adding additional capacity in Guatemala. By year 2006, we were a fully vertical company producing in excess of 2 million pieces per month and gaining notoriety for our high quality knitwear and on time deliveries. As we fast forward to year 2010, we noticed the retail landscape beginning to dramatically change as well as our retail customer base. We established early on that based on these new landscape changes that we too had to change, by becoming more flexible and innovative. As the result of making those crucial changes, today we are the leading full package product development knitwear and woven manufacturer in Southern California, Guatemala and Asia. With our speed to market, design, and product development capabilities, we now have a manufacturing model that will stand the test of time.

Our Category